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Making nails and ox shoes

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Thank you for sending off on an all morning jaunt threw Youtube, lol. 

I have trimmed steers, and despite making a point to research oxen shoeing (I have an interest in animal traction) I have never done so, first thing is that cattle have thinner hives than horses (you can see this buy buying a hoof dog chew) and as you are showing each claw independently, and asemetricaly it takes about twice as many nailes to resist the side torsion.  I do enjoy the fact that the anvils look exactly as we recommend for beginning smiths who can not afford the investment in an London pattern. 

Heck of a nail punch, cold prunching nails

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I just got caught up watching videos this link leads to. They are so fascinating to watch even though I don't understand a thing they are saying. The anvil and nail header set ups are great that are in some of the videos. Too bad it's so late or I'd keep watching. Just have to resume tomorrow ;)

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Charles: I used to shoe bulls in front to save on hooves in the Kansas Flinthills in the '60s (yes I'm an old fart who learned shoeing at Fort Riley Kansas).. Luckily I was the shoer for KState Vet school and they would bring bulls there so we could use wonderful tilt chute.. If you have an interest in animal traction drop me an email. I think I still have my old Cavalry animal restraint manual and it shouldn't be hard to unstaple and make a copy for you..Eric

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