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I Forge Iron

Arm and Hammer 107 lb

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Back off a ways with the camera. A little chalk or flour, rubbed in and wiped off the surface and use oblique lighting or a bit of tissue paper over the flash if you can't use oblique light.  Direct flash doesn't bring out worn textural details like stamped or cast proud characters. A LIGHT touch with a wire brush can make a difference too but what's done is done in this case. Not really a mistake it just tends to cover what you're looking to learn. As long as nobody has taken a grinder or sander to the face it hasn't damaged the anvil.

Make sense?

Frosty The Lucky.

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I haven't recorded that logo style in the 43k or 48k range.

If you can do the same chalk dusting on the side logo stamp, that can help with dating as well.

They used several different styles of logo stamp through their production.


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