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Hope to see you there!

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I know this is not the exact place for this but I think it gets read more....

BAM 2008 Conference in Sedalia, MO. Registration starts Wed., 4/30. Josef Habermann and Heiner Zimmermann are just 2 of the demonstrators that are to be there. Wife and I will be there on Wed., I don't want to miss anything! ;) Wondering how many of you will I get to meet. Hope to see you there!

Blacksmiths Association of Missouri Check out the info here.

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Aaw man, darn. I was hoping to meet you. Some other time. But I totally understand. I have been doing some contract welding on the side, welding stalite to inconel & 100% X-Ray, for a machinist. Excellent $$ and have been putting some of that aside special for this trip. Will miss ya.

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