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April 18, 2008 Earthquakes in America's Heartland


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Tornadoes in Jan, full blown Thunderstorms at 18 F in Feb, 18" of rain in 36 hrs period in March (and a lot more rainy days followed), and now earthquakes in April.

I attach a link to a regional TV station for those that want to read about the events.

The Official KFVS12 and Heartland News Web Site | KFVS12 Home

These shakes and rumbles were generated within the Wabash Fault line. The neighboring Woodlawn Fault line is highly visible on our property. Let's all thank the Lord that this was not the nearby and infamous New Madrid Fault fault flexing its muscles.

We are all fine here and wish to thank those that showed real concern for our family's wellbeing. It is nice having friends!

From our home to yours, hoping everyone else faired as well.

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My wife and I slept right through it. That scares me. We only live 60 miles south of St. Louis. I hope it was only because we worked really late last night. I would hate to wake up to a mess from an earthquake. Glad you guys are okay. Hope that's the last one for awhile.

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Stan, glad to hear you are OK. Settin in this very chair when the event happened. Strange sensation. My youngest daughter was up feeding baby and noticed wind chime ringing ( inside house ). I spoke ( yesterday afternoon ) with a lady here that said she and her husband felt their bed shake during quake. While folks from other parts of the world may scoff at our recent experiences with the ground shaking, we in the Midwest USA find it strange to feel the earth shake. Tornadoes, ice storms and normal winter issues that we encounter are strange to other folks. The fault line behind your house is indeed eerie looking. Glad to have the site Glenn, thanks.

As a post script, I live approx 325 miles north and west of Stan ( give or take a pinch ).

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Occasionally I get the feeling I have true friends that really do care! Clara and I both send a big thanks to all. Glad everyone else faired well too.

Remember: Shaken dishes and rattled nerves only prove the fact that:

As we may think we are in constant control of our lives, we need occasional reminders to verify the fact that many times we are not!

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Regional news talked about some animals doing strange things just prior to main event. My horses have been all wound up lately, but I blamed it more on flirting mares and isolated studs.

On a follow up note, there were 22 aftershocks through early Monday morning. They predict these aftershocks could continue for yet another 30 days. Last time this particular fault line showed any major activity was in 1968.

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