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Ajax JH Ashdown

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I have just purchased a 295lb anvil, stamped


JH Ashdown



I have read up on the history of JH Ashdown Hardware and Tinsmith but am wondering if there is anyone out there with the knowhow to date this anvil by the number stamped on it? Appreciate any insight!!


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Trenton anvils of Columbus Forge & Iron company made anvils under a number of different names for various Hardware companies. According to the book anvils in America, Ajax was a hardware companies trademark. Serial number 28496 dates the Anvil from the year 1902.

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13 hours ago, Black Frog said:

Can you post a closeup picture of the side logo stamp, and another of the serial number?  I'd like to add it to the Trenton logo database.

Here you go Black Frog!



It is in amazing shape! This was literally ‘one of those barn finds’ I am 13 so my mom has been helping as we have next to nothing in central BC. She posted on every FB group she’s on and a guy just happened to see it and said I have one sitting in an old shop that was left by the previous owner. He finally got back to us with its size and then sent some pics and we checked with my mentor what he thought. He said GET IT!! If you don’t I will! This guy had no idea what he was sitting on and I can’t believe how lucky I am. The guy drove it 3 hours to meet us and my mentor took a hammer to every bit of it then gave us a sly thumbs up. Rebound is amazing, ball bearing bounces to the sky. Here it is before I got to tidying it


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20 minutes ago, Black Frog said:

Thanks for the pics, I'm guessing you have a Hay Budden Ajax.......  Can you take a picture of the under side of the base?  

Arg I thought I did reply! Yes I saw a post talking about Trenton bottoms and as mine is slid I thought I’d better check and I had come to the conclusion it is possibly Hay Budden as well!!!


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