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Another Unknown Anvil

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Like many before me, I am trying to identify my anvil as well as trying to find out how old it is and where it may have come from. I'm in New Brunswick, Canada and this anvil has been in our barn as long as I am aware. Our house was built before 1800 and has been in our family ever since. Coould this anvil have been here since the farm was first settled?

It weighs ~205# and doesn't have any makers' marks on it anywhere. The surface has a couple of deep bruises.

Any info would be much appreciated.








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With the pritchel hole that anvil dates to after the 1820's. Thick waist and sharp feet makes it look like an English anvil; but with over 200 known english anvil makers without some stamping it's going to be a guess.  Most likely last half of 19th century so not very old for an anvil...

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16 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

With the pritchel hole that anvil dates to after the 1820's.

Normally, I’d agree. However, in the pictures of the underside, I don’t see any bulging around the pritchell hole, so that might have been drilled later into a pre-1820s anvil.

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Thankyou for the comments. I know there wasn't much to go on.

In the first, second and last photos there appears to be a weld bead across the top but doesn't appear down the side.I would love to grind it off and smooth up the top but I don't want to do anything I shouldn't. Do  you think this weld bead is a superficial thing or is some sort of structural thing. I'm guessing someone was doing some arc welding and used this for practice. Thoughts/suggestions?

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The weld on the table area can be ground down as it isn't hardened. Just be sure to keep the face plate cool and don't grind to much or too heavy. That table area is softer for chiseling through on things but I prefer a removable plate on top of my anvil for that anyway. 

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