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I picked this anvil up in Wyoming for $100 it's pretty beat up but I figured it was worth it. I cleaned it up with a wire wheel. I think it might be a soderfors? It rings like a bell and has 85+% rebound. I can't find anothing that tells me when it was made.





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ANY welding (competent or not) will mess up the heat treatment. ANY grinding will take off material that can't be put back.

For now, unless there are sharp edges that are causing cold shuts in your work, DO NOTHING. Just use the face and whatever sections of the edges are relatively intact. If you need a crisp corner or a defined radius, use a block with a stem to fit the hardy hole.

After you have put in a year's worth of work on that anvil, you'll have a much better idea of what repairs or modifications might actually be necessary. Until then, leave it alone.

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