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Fisher Blacker power hammer anvil with stand

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Hi everyone !

Just wanted to share a really beautiful and tuff anvil I recently picked up here in Pennsylvania. 

Its a near perfect condition 500# Fisher made for the Blacker power hammer. This one is dated 1928 with SN# 469 173. Its had an easy 90 year life as it looks mint. 






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I made an insert for one of my hardy holes to take it from 1.5 to 1" so my "regular" hardys fit: two nesting pieces of sq tubing that fit the hardy hole with the diagonals cut an inch of so down and the tabs folded to 90 deg.

I also am making hardy tooling that fits the 1.5" holes by buying old top tools with mushroomed striking ends and grinding off the mushroom and forging the eyes down to fit the 1.5" holes---my large screwpress is great for truing up the sides at the end so they will drop in cleanly!

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No I haven't, from what ive found so far it seems like the numbers by the cutout indicate weight / number made. 

Found another 1928 like mine and our numbers are close.

469 / 173

488 / 151

From what ive gathered so far taking with Josh at the fisher museum. 

The earliest know fisher blacker is 1920 & latest 1935. 

Based off sn# Fisher didn't make many, less than 200 by 1928.

So guessing maybe less than 500 total.

Still looking for more dates and numbers.

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