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I Forge Iron

Worth buying, still got life in her?

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Good looking anvil, clean face and horn, edge chewed up a bit but not a deal breaker. I have a #179 and it's a solid worker. If the rebound plays out  It'll do you well. Kinda spendy for me- I paid $300 for mine. Worth it to see if you could get a better price, but don't wait too long. Good luck.


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PW's are hit or miss. I have seen quite a few that have been beaten down and have a lot of sway due to the soft wrought iron body. I picked up my 138# PW for $100. For that $$$ have you looked at a new anvil? Anvil Brand has a number of makes at good prices. I like my 125# JHM , and they are $574 through Anvil Brand at the moment. JHM also makes a 260#. 


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I wouldn't pay neither 800 nor 900 in Australia where anvils are twice the price then in the US ... then again, I learned that places like SF can be a killer.

In Derry you have to deal with the paranormal so ... who knows! :P

Seriously now, seriously overpriced from where I sit anyway. 

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