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I am not a blacksmith, but I have a Trenton anvil that came from my Grandfather's farm.  Below the Trenton logo it says 91, which I assume is the weight.  The serial number is A6692, and located to the far edge left of the number is an "S".  Is there a resource that would tell me the approximate age?


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Welcome to the forum.

Someone with a copy of AIA (Anvils in America) will be along shortly to answer your question I'm sure.

BTW: if you edit your profile to show your location it will help with answers (like how much is it worth) because a lot of answers are location dependent.

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Thanks for the tip, I did update my profile.


I have a second question - I have another item that I have always assumed came from a blacksmith or tin shop.  Can anyone help me out with identifying the item and explaining its use?  See photo, it is about 3 inches high, 6 X 7.5 inches.  Any help would be appreciated!


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On 2018-01-29 at 6:56 AM, Black Frog said:

6692 is quite early, 1899 according to AIA.

Can you post a picture of the base underside?  That is close to the time when they switched base styles.

When did they switch their base styles, do you know? Someone just identified this anvil which I just bought as a 1902 Trenton??


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