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got my Columbian mounted


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disassembled, cleaned, inspected and lubricated the vise.  I was amazed at how smooth and easy it operates once the old dried grease and dirt were removed and replaced with fresh grease.  I thought I'd like it to look better if I  did not take it down to bright metal, so just wire brushed it and then oiled the whole thing.   wanting a portable mount I built this set up hoping it was rigid enough that I could fill it with sand to give it some heft.  if not, there is always quick crete.  but I'd like to be able to empty it to make future moving easier.  the box approaches 2 cubic feet, so filled with sand the whole rig will be over 200 pounds.




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Greetings Mike,

         I think you will find filling the box with sand is mistake . I have several potable set ups . The picture is one that is quite movable and uses your body weight instead of the sand.  Poor picture but you get the idea.  It works great and easy to move. Good luck on your build.

Forge on and make beautiful things 



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On 1/23/2018 at 3:25 PM, Zorick said:

Btw I am very new to BS, so any info is appreciated.

Welcome to IFI... if you will edit your profile to show your location, you won't have to read a bunch of BS when you ask a question that the answer is location dependent which many are and you may be surprised how many members are near you.

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MC Hammer - Thanks.  I got lucky with this vise.  its screw and box are pretty fresh looking.  the handle was bent but I persuaded it back into straightishness.   Used it tonight and it is quite a pleasure to use compared to the little bench vise I have been using.  quite pleased so far.  

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They are night and day once you get a post vise.  The first post vise I got was an unmarked Peter Wright I think and it was all cleaned up except for the screw and box.  I read a lot on hear before taking it apart and cleaning the screw and box.  Wow, there was so much crud in the box.  When I got it all clean and greased up I too was amazed at how fluid it operated.  Now on to my Columbian.

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