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Hi guys,

I'm just new to both smithing and this forum- but both are proving to be really cool ;)

My general interest is producing ancient ironwork- particularly Roman at the moment. Elements of javelins, speartips, etc. and now as of today, sword blades too.


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Welcome to IFI, Matt!
There are links on the 'home page' to help you get started blacksmithing and to help you find your way around the site.

There's lots of info on 'bladesmithing' here....and a friday night Knife Chat!

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Do you want to do it out of bloomery wrought iron or modern materials? (The steel typically used by smiths these days dated to the last half of the 19th century when the Bessemer/Kelly process was invented and commercialized).

I'm currently working on an Anglo-Saxon spear point from real wrought iron and I have smelted bloomery wrought iron from ore using Y1K techniques.

I'm also off the net for the weekend starting soon...

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