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Show me your hardie tools


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Show me your hardie tools, those things that make the hardie hole useful. 


The issue when you get two anvils is that many times they do not have the same size hardie hole. You can make two hardie tools, or make a shim or converter. This was a piece of angle iron for the first converter, and a piece of thin wall tubing for the second one. 



All you have to do is to slip it into the hardie hole.



And your anvil tool with the smaller hardie post will work on the big anvil with the big hardie hole. The ears were later thinned down quite a bit so the hardie tool fit more level to the anvil.



Another way to do the same thing is by using a piece of tubing and flaring the top edge a bit so it does not go into the hardie hole. 

The photo is a bit strange as that is a 3/4 inch hardie hole on the anvil and a 1 inch piece of tubing to adapt small hardie tools to a larger hardie hole on another anvil.The photo was taken this way to show the difference in sizes.


Show us your hardie tools, the fullers, hot cuts, guillotines,  benders, etc.

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Thanks to Mike-hr. 

Then there are times when you just need a smaller anvil. So use the hardie tool in the hardie hole.



Thanks to Irnsrgn for this idea.

Make a hardie socket to adapt a larger hardie hole to use smaller hardie tools.


This is a 5/8 ID square auxiliary socket for the hardy hole in my anvil. If I need a special small anvil tool I can forge from 5/8 hot rolled square and drop in the socket for use. saves making a big hardy shank for small tools. 


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  A quick hardie cut can be made from a piece of angle iron and a hardie post. They can be welded or bolted together and the cutting edge formed with a angle grinder. Whitesmith

 hardie cut off 01.jpg

hardie cut off 02.jpg

Sometimes you need a 3rd hand. by Whitesmith

Take a rod and mark it at about 2" and 8" from one end. At the 2" mark, make a 90* bend. At the 8" mark, make another 90* bend but turn it differently. (The two bends are at right angles to each other.) This is hard to explain in words but look at the photo and you will understand.

Measurements may be different for your anvil tool.

3rd hand 01.jpg


If this is done correctly, you can put it in the pritchel hole and have an anvil support for the stock that you work on the anvil.

3rd hand 02.jpg



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