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Anvil Identification


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Hi Guys and Gals firstly all the best for the new year may it be a rewarding and safe adventure. I recently purchased a London pattern anvil with the following stamps and struggling to id the origins of the maker Mount??? & Ha????? any info would be appreciated as it has me stumped and I consider myself a fairly good researcher hence why I now ask you all. cheers.




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One of 200+ short-lived manufacturers of English anvils. Some lasted a few months, some a few years, only a few lasted for decades.

Much like any industry, there is a shake-out phase, and just because you learned how to make a product while working for someone else, it does not mean you know how to market it, or have the capitol reserves to withstand a setback.

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On 1/6/2018 at 3:57 AM, C-1ToolSteel said:

 Beautiful anvil. "Stourbridge" is the English town your anvil was made in. 

Check this thread out for a Stourbridge add that lists "Mountford & Homer" under "Vice and Anvil Makers".



BTW, I counted at least ten pick heads in the background. Any story behind that?

use to work for a scrap metal company and just could not bare to see a pick/hammer/axe/shovel  etc etc etc be thrown into the incise bin to be carted of to China to be melted down so I rescued what I could which when I look around my yard I must have 500 +  of the above combined.  Some I resharpen polish up re handle and give away as presents ....



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Thanks to all once again a wealth of knowledge had never heard of 'Mountford & Homer' so perhaps thats what it is and looking at the picture that name does tend to appear be it faintly cheers.



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Nice anvil. Perhaps you have a rare one there. I would go for 186 pounds, if that last number is an 8.

It almost looks like a 3, in which case 181#

Anyway, nice find - especially in Australia. Maybe it came here with the convicts, who knows!

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Thanks it was a lucky find the last number to the best of my eyesight is a 9 or 19 as a whole cheers how far North Qld I have a brother in Mossman (just past it) and everytime i visit i cant help but think how hard it would of been for the smiths back in the day with the humidity but hey they just had to do what they had to do 

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