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2018 New Years Resolutions


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We all resolve to changer and New Years is as good a time as any to start.

This year try something different, small resolutions that you can accomplish in 30 days or less. Only make one resolution on the first day of each month. 

At the end of the year, that will end up being 12 resolutions, each of which only took 30 days or less to complete. Many can take much less than 30 days so it can be marked off your list. If there is still time (days left in the month) add another resolution that can be accomplished within that time frame.

They do not have to be large resolutions, it can be small or simple things such as collect and organize your hammers, your tongs, your other tools. Make that guillotine fuller you been wanting, clean the shop table off clear down to the original surface,  move the anvil closer to the forge so you do not have to walk so far, and etc. It it your list so make it useful to you.

 You have any suggestions to give us ideas on what to do ifor the month of January 2018?

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New year resolutions are in general very confrontational and forgotten for that reason very quickly in the new year. They are, generally speaking just wishes to correct something we know should be done but never get to do for many different reasons. 

I never got in the habit of new year resolutions of any kind, but when confronted with something I really want done, I start by writing it down and picturing or planing how I will do it. A list to be ticked off and dates help. Although dates can be a hurdle too sometimes, depending how much time you have.

The best resolutions one can take up, new year or not, are health related. 

The one universally accepted to be number one are, smokes, Alcohol, weight and sugar. 

I never had a problem with alcohol, never smoked yet was a tad overweight at 84 kilos and only 1.72 m high. 

I read a lot of things to do with health mainly because my wife is a doctor and talks to me as a colleague and I sort of developed a layman interest.

Lately there has been a lot of reviews in relation to how we eat and what we eat. The "food pyramid" was proven to be wrong and the dieticians advice to eat small bits several times a day, a total fraud. In a nutshell our bodies are not made to feed 3 times a day but 3 times a week. Going without food for a day or two is actually very good for us. 

So I put it into practice. Started skipping lunch rather than going to a restaurant at lunch break and shed 3 kilos in just a month. I realised I could go without food without much effort so I decided to eat just once a day. Skipped breakfast (big no no according to some) skipped lunch ... and ate whatever I wanted at dinner time, not too late though.

I am down to 77 Kg now and counting. Must lose another 5 kg.

What I am doing is called intermittent fasting it is very healthy and will test you at many levels. 

Make it your new year resolution to fast one day a week or two if you are game, or skip one or two meals a day. Whatever works for you ... you will feel a different person and your body will have time to fix all the little things that may be wrong and need addressing yet it has no time to because it must process all that food ... Best of luck ... and happy new year !! :)




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Glenn, your timing is great with this discussion. I have all sorts of plans for my shop in the coming year and feel overwhelmed by al of it. Trying to put deadlines in place and make actionable plans to get things how/where I want. I think your “30 days at a time” play is a much better method than what I was doing. Now I’m going to go back to the list I have and reprioritize and rearrange a few things to match up and see how that works for me. 

Thank you, Glenn, for removing the box for me yet again. :) 

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