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Harbor Freight seems to have a Digital Multimeter that comes with a thermocouple


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Good Morning Folks,

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready to go back to work today (or not at the case may be). I have seen what can only be described as a new shiny thing a HF and that is a Digital Multimeter that comes with a thermocouple. This thing can also give you a light and sound reading. The fact that I see it on the "clearance and overstock" does not make me want to run out a buy one but I thought I would see if anyone had any thoughts on this thing. You can find it by searching for item #98674 on the HF site. Also if you feel like you are missing a coupon there is a site I found via Faceplam,, I mean Farsebook, I mean Facebook hfqpdb dot Com (I agree that until external sites start to give Mr. Glenn a taste of the action we should not link to them).

Be careful of the people that either think they are still cool to drive after (number) of drinks or that a 4 wheel drive means they can drive on ice. This is the season people do unwise things on the road.


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I think they have a built in sensor in addition to the thermocouple. Temperature (on sensor, thermoresistor NTC and temperature display)0c to 40c Temperature (on sensor, thermocouple and main display)-20c to 1000c


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The downside is it doesn't use the standard thermocouple probe jack with the two flat terminals, so if you got a good thermocouple in the future you would have to rewire it. I bought a K type dual illuminated readout from amazon that takes two standard thermocouple connectors for 20$ off amazon a while back, and compared it to my Omega Engineering readout and it was within tolerance. Now the Omega is back in my toolbox where the likelihood of it being melted is low lol.

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