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New Shop In Progress

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...well, more of a shed than a 'shop'.


Concrete base, just got it installed over the past two days. Approximately 9' x 9' on the longest sides.



(you'll have to exclude the below image, I was losing daylight and my phone camera is awful in low light... was trying to capture it 'open'... blurry, bad light, so had to shrink it quite a bit... hopefully you get the idea)



I've made a start on bringing power out to it, but have quite a bit more trenching to do... so once I have light and power, i'll start bringing all the gear out and getting it setup.

Small, but should be enough space for a bit of forging, and I can then get my garage cleaned up again for the bikes.

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Last weekend I got the magic pixies installed, so I now have light and a couple of sockets for the spark making machine and the metal glue gun.

As a temporary measure to prevent burning it down, I'm resorting to a couple of big concrete slabs as heat shields, until I get either some vermiculite board, or a few sheets of metal installed on the wall behind the forge to shield the walls from any escaping dragons breath:


The first piece produced in here was a hammer/tong rail (and by produced, I mean I just curled the ends and punched two screw holes... not very exciting)... a second rail needs added behind it for smaller stuff... and I also need to buy more hammers and make more tongs... and rather unimpressive collection


Yesterday I managed to sort out a very small work bench, and aim to sheet it with steel, but for now wood will do.


I also screwed together a few chopped up fence posts as a new anvil stand... There is now half a tube of silicone between the anvil and the wood, so this evening I plan to make a few holding pins to properly secure it, and possibly a few metal straps screwed around (although I did go a bit overboard screwing it together in the first place, so the straps would be more decorative than anything else)



The next steps will be to sort out a movable stand for the leg vice and bench grinder so I can move them around as required without taking up my very limited space by fixing them in place.

I've a big piece of 4" box section in the garage for a few stands, but i'm out of gas for the welder, so hopefully get that sorted soon and i'll be on my way to a more completed shop.


Slowly getting there.


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JAV - any thought to ventilation and the mitigation of carbon monoxide?  Just curious how you are dealing with that in a 9 x 9?

You'll love the silicone under your anvil.  It got rid of 70 % of my ringing on the sweet spot with only minor ringing out on the end of the horn and heel.

I like the look of your shop and I think you are heading in the right direction.  You may want to use it for a while before you do too much more permanent installations - leave everything moveable until you decide how your work flow works best.  It sure must be nice to be out of the weather.  Where I'm at, forging is pretty much done as temps have been in single digits.  We're warming up into the 30's & 40's this week but have rain.    

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I have a CO alarm mounted on the wall around head hight, not too far from the forge, and given the EU regulations it's pretty sensitive, giving plenty of warning before things get close to a dangerous level.

There are two opening windows, one beside the forge and one across from it, allowing adequate cross draft. I also have the double doors open when it's lit.

So far I haven't ran it for more than about 2 hours continually, and the alarm hasn't chirped at all.
I am however considering adding an additional vent at the top and bottom of the wall behind it, and possibly some sort of extraction hood just as an extra precaution.


I did a quick test on Saturday night, and with the doors closed and windows only cracked opened, it will trigger the alarm after about 20 - 30 minutes, so at least I know the alarm works.... and it's exceedingly loud, particularly in such a small space!



Regarding the silicon, I tapped on it with a small ball peen last night, and no ring out of it at all. More of a dead thud now... would it be worth adding a chain too, or am I at peak quietening with the silicone?

Other than the small fixed bench, I was planning to keep everything movable so I can accommodate projects of different sizes more easily, and i'd like the option of moving everything out of the shed during our two and a half days of summer in Ireland :D


The enclosure is great for heat retention... even when it's freezing here, i'm forging in a sleeveless tshirt and the sweat is still pouring out

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I have a CO alarm in my house, mounted near the floor as per the instructions. CO is heavier than air and will fill a space from bottom up. With the alarm at head height, by the time it chirps your space is already 1/2 full of CO and it is dangerous to bend over to pick things up from the floor. please, for safety 's sake install it low

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You are correct and i must have misread the directions (it was a while ago) .  I will be moving mine to a proper location. Multiple web sites I've looked at say that it mixes with air rather than rises even though it's lighter, so head height would be correct. I'm sorry for the faulty info.

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