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Dragon breath color ?


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A few observations and ideas-

Looks in the VERY breif clip to be a Chile Forge.  If so we can rule out low grade manufacturing errors.  If not perhaps some ebay idiot is selling burners with copper flares?

It could be camera wash out of the high temp colors.  Did you observe this in person or just on youtube?

If this were the dragon's breath coming out of my forge in my shop observed by the naked eye I'd shut down and check for the buring zinc or hot copper part that snuck in there somehow.  I'm not sure if what looks like 3M half mask with a particulate/carbon/acid filter on it would save me from burning metals.  Again, I'd stop and read up on what the filters work for.  

I'd also read the SDS for the flux (if there is flux involved).  EVERY commercial material sold in North America should have a readily available Safety Data Sheet.  All you have to do is ask the supplier. So you know what is in the stuff you are melting and breathing.

The few times I have forged "weathering steel" (Cor-Ten) the dragon's breath has looked similar.  That particular steel alloy has notable percentages of aluminum and copper.  Perhaps he's using some weird alloy?  Note that Cor-ten is NOT a good tool steel.  

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