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Wooden Mandrel??

MC Hammer

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When I bought my anvil 6 months ago, the guy had a 4 foot tall mandrel shaped wood cone.  He called it a blacksmith's anvil, but I would think there would have been scorched marks on it if it was used with hot metal.  Anyone ever heard of a wood mandrel being used?  Could it have covered with sheet metal at one time?  Weird thing to see.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of it, but at the time I was distracted by digging through his buckets of hammers and tongs.

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My recollection of the surface was that it was quite smooth and unblemished like something was over it to protect it.  I'll for sure grab a picture next time I'm there.  Something else I noticed while there is that it didn't have the cut slot running up the side to give clearance for tongs.  He's a picker on the side so he's always getting blacksmith tools in.  I plan on visiting him again in December to see what he has picked.

While on the subject of mandrels, I see a lot of experienced smiths have them in their shops but they seem to be off to the side and unused for the most part.  How many experienced smiths here use their mandrels regularly?  I can see that they'd greatly help in making rings of all sizes.

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ThomasPowers you make a great point.  I have several tools that fit that category.  From what I've read so far, blacksmiths of old made tools for jobs that they kept in the rack but may have only used a few times in their career.  That's part of what I think is great about forging.....need a tool-make a tool!

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