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I Forge Iron

New forge and anvil

Lee Cornell

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what size stack? 10-12" is recommended. You may just need more stack hight to get sufficient draw and preheating the stack with a wad of paper helps as well. 

That chunk of One inch is a bare minimum, keep looking to upgrade to a thicker chunk of steel. A sledge hammer head from the flea market works surprisingly well. 

Dont forget the dress the head of your hammer, and you will find a rectagular handle of about 1x1-1/4" to be less fatiguing than a fat handle. Hard to reshape those ruber and glass handles and I find them to be blister makers. 

The historical record shows 1-1/2 to 2# being the most common hammer head weight for the Viking erra, it's a real good place to start.  24-32oz ballpein hammers are good hammers to have as well as cross and strait peins. Infact many smiths buy ball peins at swap meets and reforge the ball into strait or cross peins. They make elite to looking hammers. 


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Thanks bobasaurus!  Mine does not, but I don’t believe they usually have a fan in the stack. I make a small fire inside the hood (on the smoke shelf) before I light the pot. The updraft of the initial fire creates a draw that pulls the smoke and fire in. The heat from the forge then maintains the draw. Since the post I added a second section of stove pipe, which improved the performance a lot.

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