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A new smith aproaches

Jake Lyons

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Hello from Upstate New York, Morris to be specific. I received an anvil my grandfather found in his barn as a gift and I bought a propane forge because I'd rather just dish out the cash than blow myself up attempting to make one I also have 3 hammers, 2 Swedish style and a Nordic style. I've been reading a lot of books on the subject because it's hard to balance my smithing with high school (I'm in 11th grade) and I'm currently in contact with 3 other smiths in my area and they're a huge help. My shop is currently mobile because my mom doesn't want me smithing in the garage, so my anvil and forge are on wheels. I'm mainly interested in ornamental work such as scrolling and hooks, and I've always been fascinated by Damascus but making it is far from possible right now with my skill level and experience. I don't have tongs but I'm working on making a pair. A local smith suggested I join IFI and he was right, it's a wellspring of knowledge. I look forward to hearing all of your insight.

-Best Wishes, Jake

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