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Potential First Real Anvil Opinions

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Hi all,

I’m not sure of link posting rules so please let me know if I need to change anything. I found this on a local antique dealer’s FB site and I would like to know any thought you all may have on this Anvil. I realize the photo is terrible. Hopefully I will be able to go and see it today and post more photos of it. For now, it appears to me that the edges are rolled and parts, if not all of the face is domed. Is there anything that can be done to correct some/all of these issues without ruining this Anvil? Thanks in advance for any help,



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IFI doesn't permit reposting of external advertisements, but before this gets taken down, let me just say that the edges of that are horribly mushroomed, probably indicating that the hardened face plate is missing and the anvil got a LOT of heavy use after its loss. You can probably get a hunk of scrap steel that works as well or better for less money. See the thread on improvised anvils, and save your money for decent tongs.

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Ok . Thank you! I tried to edit , but the link was removed before I could get to it (thanks Mods.)

JHCC, Thank you for the info. I’m still going to look at it and take some more pics. If anything, I can at least talk with the dealer and start a dialog about being on the lookout for something in a bit better shape. 


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Here are a few pictures including one with my size 13 clod hopper.


it appears that JHCC was correct in that it is mushroomed pretty badly, but it also appears that this is the original face plate. The horn appears to be added on later.


Any differing thoughts with clearer photos?

ID perhaps??










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