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High Speed Tool Steel.    HSS for sort.  High speed means for use at higher cutting speeds in the lathe.  Usually M2 or something similar.  I have a lot of it, some up to 1/2 x 3/4 square by about 6 inches long.   Not a good steel for blacksmith forging.   

One of the older posts asked about the usefulness of Machinery's Handbook  ("The Bible").     Take a look, it should have the properties of HSS.

When I get back to the shop I will take a look at some of my reference books.









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1 hour ago, Anachronist58 said:



Nice thread.


I have a DC motor on one of my drill presses.    Nice for those difficult drilling jobs.    I can read the writing on the chuck when I have the  speed controller dialed down to slowest.

Dwell:    A best quality drill bit may be easily ruined if allowed to dwell at no or minimum feed, especially if no coolant is used.  Then, all one will accomplish is a bunch of noise and a dull bit.  Spindle RPM is very important.    Match the speed to the material being drilled, the size of the drill bit, and the material of the drill bit.

The more difficult drilling jobs go to my vertical mill.  Speeds from zero to 3500 RPM.   Also has a DC drive, in conjunction with the 8 speed belt/gear head.  And a pumped coolant system.

Adequate feed is important, especially when drilling tough materials that like to work harden.

Back to the OP:    Machinery's handbook has several paragraphs concerning heat treating and forging HSS.   Not an easy job in the average blacksmithing shop.      Like Patton said, "read the book".

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