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Other junkyard powerhammers besides rusty/dusty s

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the 'tyre' hammer design looks very good, and simple. A gentleman called Clay Spencer runs workshops building these for what looks to be a reasonable price. I am sure the plans are available for sale somewhere (I am sure it will 'google')

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Gday Hammerkid,

You could look at the Anvilfire site, there was/is a series on junkyard hammers there, lots of pics, and some how-to info. From memory, no "plans" but if you look around enough, and add 2 & 2, you should be able to figure out the bulk of the design. Ask here for specific details you can't figure out.

Personally I think this makes it a more interesting project, a better talking point (ok blowing your own trumpet;-), and you will learn oh so much from it.

Good luck & kind regards,
Brisbane, Oz.

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:(Due to other commitments, John Wayne will not be able to host workshop until maybe October/November. Clay is hoping to have workshop at his new shop late summer. If interested, please contact Clay.....

There is a possible Tire Hammer workshop being planned for June 26-28 at John Wayne Taylor's shop in Wetumpka, AL. Currently, the estimated cost is around $1000. They are looking for at least 7 more people to sign up for the workshop. If you are interested, please contact Clay Spencer at clay@tirehammer.com

Spread the word....
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