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Three Nail Forge - Clean up

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Greetings All!

Cleaned up the shop today. 
It may not be much but it is mine. 
Yes, I live in a townhouse so Three Nail Forge has to take up only three nails of space :)

If you also have a micro shop share some of your pics, It would be interesting to see what creative ideas you have come up with to maximize space.

BTW that is the firs S hook I made in this shop



















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Finding a cleat in that area is understandable; now how did one show up at my scrapyard when it's a long days drive by interstate to big water out here.

The cleat and rail seem to be mounted on floating areas instead of steel all the way down.  You will enjoy the difference having a solid stand will give your anvils

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You of course are absolutely correct. (as always) :)

That frame was a scrapyard find.

It was very rusty i just hit it with the wire wheel and then panted it with "Rust Restorer" 

Once I get to the point that I have a welder I will either add support or do a entirely new build.

I do want to cap the ends and fill the structure with sand but have not gotten that far yet.

Still considering on mounting a vice on it first.

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Plywood makes an excellent shear-wall membrane.  If you used self-tapping screws to fasten it to the legs of your stand, the plywood would add considerable structural strength without welding.  Even if you only put it on two adjoining sides, the frame would become much stiffer.

Building on Thomas' suggestion, you could also use the cementitious board that's sold for stone tile underlayment as a heat resistant bench top material.



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That's a pretty nice set up Christopher but as mentioned your "anvils" are cantilevered rather than properly supported. Just rotate them 90* and move them directly over a leg. I wouldn't bother with filling the legs with sand unless noise is an issue. I don't mean a possible concern I mean it's actually loud. Sand will damp the sound but I've found just having the anvil on a steel stand damps LOUD nicely.

I love the buckets but they're right where I'd put the rail anvil or cleat. Plenty of room to move them though. 

I'd surely not modify the stand in any permanent way, it's too good a work bench, equipment stand, etc. now. Keep looking, good anvil and cleat stands are everywhere. 

A little tweaking and you're stylin Brother.

Frosty The Lucky.

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