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How to : gaz line - tank to the burner


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This is my very personal way to supply the burner.

I give the list of required parts in their order of assembly:

Parts list :

  • 1 x propane regulator, best (cheapest) place to buy is Amazon (0-20 psi CND$ 30, 0-30 psi CND$ 60)
  • 1 x coupler 3/8 OD Tube - 1/4 NPTF
  • 1 x ball valve 1/4
  • 1 x coupler 1/4 NPTF X 1/4 tube
  • 1 x length of copper tube 1/4
  • 1 x 1/4 nuts with compression ball
  • 1 x burner

Here is the whole in picture :

Here on the picture we see the end of the hose of the regulator. Unfortunately, fitting 3/8 -1/4 was not available. So I took a fitting 3/8 - 3/8 and added a reducer 3/8-1/4. It's the gray steel piece. This assembly did not have to be, but after going to Rona, Home Depot, BMR and Canadian Tire, I took what I had available.


The second step is to place the safety valve. It is essential and can serve as an adjustment to the burner by reducing the gas input. This is useful and it avoids playing with the regulator.


The valve is 1/4 on both sides, so it must pass from 1/4 NPT to 1/4 tube. This is the fitting that you see on the right of the photo.

The next picture is all 1/4 tube, from the valve outlet to the burner.


Personally, I have a good length of copper pipe to avoid the hose being too close to the heat of the forge. The connection to the burner is done with a 1/4 tube compression nut.


On my kit I put a pressure gauge. It is placed between the hose and the valve. I use it mainly to test and adjust my burners during assembly. It is a nice to have, but it raises the value of the line of $ 40-50 and does not bring anything more once you have mastered the heat you want to have your forge.


Photo of a complete kit from tank to burner. It is worth to foresee between CND$ 65 and CND$ 100 to mount a gas line of base, without gauge, without burner. Good construction!


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I'd argue with the term "best". If you run short of propane right before teaching a day long class will Amazon come in on a weekend and open the propane dealership and fill your tanks at the same cost as weekdays?  May be cheaper but getting a good relationship with the local businesses is like money in the bank!

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