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Cedar anvil stand?

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I'm just getting started and I got a nice 185# PW anvil a few weeks ago.  I contacted a friend in the tree removal business and told him I wanted a piece of oak to use to mount the anvil on and he said the next live oak he got, that he would contact me.  He explained that live oak was more rot resistant than the other oak species in our area.  Since then we had 3 large cedar trees blown over at our church.  We removed them ourselves and milled most of it into lumber however there is a piece that's to short to mill that could be used for an anvil mount.  At first I was thinking it might be too soft, and I might loose some of the benefit of a harder material.  However, I think hitting a 185# anvil on top of a stump, it's going to be hard to tell whether it's mounted on soft cedar on the ground, or mounted on steel on top of a concrete floor.  Also I know the cedar will be much more rot resistant than any other wood in my area.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance, Ken

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Welcome to IFI!

Plenty of folks here use softwood anvil stands, mostly from built up from construction lumber scrap. The most important things are: (1) that the total height of anvil + stand is correct, 2) that your anvil is mounted securely to the stand, and (3) that the stand sit solidly on the ground. Worst case scenario, your cedar stump ends up as practice for your live oak stump.

If you're going to have an outdoor shop in Florida, rot-resistance is good. 

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Cut it into the biggest chunk you can handle (maybe with a friend or two) and make sure it's bigger than you'll need for the stand. Once you get it in the shop, cut it down to the size you need. Use the scraps for other projects or even just to start your forge fire.

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