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This came out of a high school that used to have a forge class, circa 1913. I suspect this came out lab. It's pretty badly abused, as you can see. It's like every kid in class took a swipe at the horn, for the last 100 yrs.
It bears resemblance to another Trenton anvil, being the separate top plate and location of the stamped weight and serial number. Hoping I'm lucky on this.
Assuming this is a Trenton, what does the serial number A91537 mean?


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Somebody will undoubtedly look up your serial # in their copy of AIA soon enough. All I'll say is it's not unusual to find an old anvil with it's horn blunted like that. I believe old shops may have deliberately done that for safety reasons or something like that. Is pretty common to see.


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Only takes one good gunch in a sensitive place to be named at a later date to give one the isea they they didn't need a sharp horn; they'd make a bickern for the hardy hole.

OTOH perhaps the school had a project all the students in that class had to do that involved using the horn in such a way that those lacking in hammer control wore it down over the years 

Looks in good using shape to me, a great starter anvil

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