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Here's my latest -

Commissioned by a client to build him two matching woodworking benches made from trees he had tipped on his property then milled by band saw.

3 ft wide by 6 ft long by 37" high. mortise & tenon joinery with square pegs

I was amazed how consistent the fella was with his mill - I went through 32 - 2 x 6's and 4 - 4 x 4's and none of them were more than a light sixteenth out of dimension.

Sorry this is in the wrong section Glenn - I didn't see a forum for woodworking.


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Hey guys,

Thanks! Appreciate all the great comments!

Yeah, Mt St Helens - she's quite the ol girl - Whatta' show it was in 80'

I made these out of fir - my client dropped 30 of them and built a barn and then some - Being fir they're not the best for a work bench top - I warned my client they'd get pretty dinged up. Might have something there with wanting to put 1/4" plate on them - not so pretty grain wise tho . . .

It was one of those projects you love to do but they take over everything so you're SO glad when you finally get them out of your shop!

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Thanks guys!

It was a great project to do especially because the wood the client provided was from his wife's family property so it had a lot of emotional value to them. (The wife is now thinking of having me make a similar table to go in the tack room of her horse barn)

Valentin - post the pictures of yours when you get a chance - I always love seeing things like that!

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