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Tempil Basic Guide to Ferrous Metallurgy poster

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A month ago I contacted Tempil to see if they planned on making a new batch of posters..  After a few emails they said " No".. Not in the foreseeable future..

So, Few weeks back my advertising guy came by and I asked him about getting some of the Tempil  posters printed up.. 

He said to contact the office and speak to the guy in charge..  I called and asked about a limited run of posters and to get the laminated.. 

He said first thing is what size.. I said what ever the proper format would be for the PDF but larger.. 11X17 or what have you.. 

He then said.. Ok. lets get a sample to you and we can go from there.. I said but really I at the present time I only need maybe 3-5 as they would only be for in house use..   I then stated the color chart is the most important part so color needs to be spot on.. 

He then said.. Ok then lets just get them done and since you have been a great customer, when you want more just let me know..

Today I came home to find 3 of these sitting at the door..   13X19 fully laminated..  




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I was really impressed by the image, so I contacted Tempil on Friday with a generic can I use this image to make posters for me and free to friends at a blacksmithing group question...  Today before I got home from work they emailed me the .PDF, approved the distribution (free, cannot charge and must maintain copyright mark) so by all means contact them nice people.  

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The PDF is right on the website..  There were no exclusions, on use listed..   I believe it's just good policy to get permission but again these were for my own use.. 

I was happy with the way they came out...  Colors are a little off.. But it might just be my eyes.. 

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