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Guys, this is my first power hammer I finally test run. It's an early 50 lb Little Giant. Watching the slow motion video I noticed the toggle link on the adjustable side striking the ram. Is there something that needs adjusting or replaced?  Any help appreciated. 



I can't seem to attach the video. 


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Can't tell anything from what little video there is. Get someone to help you. Light the scene from behind and to the side of the camera. Have the camera to the side that isn't working properly. Not at 90* stand next the person operating the treadle. 

Stop walking around with the camera! Start the motor, have the operator stand where s/he's comfortable and have the cameraman position him/er self. Do a couple dry runs and have the person with the CAMERA decide if it's a good angle.

If YOU are the one that knows what's wrong YOU shoot the video. Have someone else run the hammer. Show them how to do so safely.

Shoot some video tests for clear lighting and good angle to show the problem. BEFORE shooting the final version EDITING and uploading it, that was a LOT of bandwidth for no good reason. Make it count okay?

My 50lb. Little Giant link arms used to strike the ram guides. It was just a matter of adjustment. If only one is hitting the other one may be binding and not moving freely in the head. The adjustment screw may just need tightening up some.

I've had very good results lubing my LG with chainsaw bar oil and Duralube as an additive. There is NO good reason to have the hammer slobbering and slinging oil. If old moving connections want to bind, a dab of AntiSeize helps a lot.

Do you have the book, "The Little Giant Powerhammer." by Richard R. Kern? If not, get a copy it'll tell you everything you need to know.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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Thanks for the info. That particular link arm had a slight bend in it prior to use. Probably from this issue happening with the previous owner. I called Mr. Rice at Little Giant today and ordered a few new parts. He recommended starting with the spring tension also. I'll definitely have to invest in the Litle Giant Power hammer book too.


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