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Mock up, need advice

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I have mocked up a chimney for my forge but have little faith in my design. I've read a lot of posts and looked at lots of designs for super sucker and side draft chimneys, but I'm still not confident in my understanding of how this will work. My design is a bit of a cross between the two, I'm trying to achieve a traditional look, but if it doesn't  function why bother? I need advice/input!!! 


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Should work, taller stack would help the draw.  This is not some esoteric mystery. I use a 10" diameter spiral seamed piece of ductwork that starts near the table of my forge and goes up at a sharp angle out a hole in the shop wall. if it's windy I use a skirt to bring it down to the table. That's all!   It sings when I have a welding fire going!

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The quicker you can collect the smoke, and the quicker you can get it up and out of the work area, the better. 

The super sucker is placed close to the fire and transitions from the opening to the chimney. Most all other designs are basically a funnel to do the same thing. A 10-12 inch diameter round chimney is recommended for most forge set ups. Taller chimneys create more draft and move more smoke. 

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