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Help identify my hammer.

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Waved down a scrap metal guy the other day when I saw this in his trailer. $50 later and we were unloading at my house.

It's missing a linkage rod on one side, and someone popped off the riveted oem nameplate. Other than that it seems all there and ready to rebuild.

So, anyone know what I got here?



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That looks to be a BEAST of a helve treadle hammer. Doesn't look like a commercial build but might be. There's no telling what the rivets held but a model, serial # plate is a definite possibility. 

Looks like an easy job to get it hitting stuff again. Does it move freely or is it grunged rough? A mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid, (ATF) makes a good home brew for freeing up rusted components. Lay a tarp though, you don't want it soaking into the lawn.

Keep us in the loop while you have at it please.

Frosty The Lucky.

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There were some commercial manufacturers (mainly British IIRC) that produced a very similar looking Oliver hammer, but using more cast parts.  Look thru the old google patent pics to see what I mean.  There were some adds for helve type olivers in the old Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights publications of a century ago but I wasn't aware of any American made models still existing before the ABANA/Spencer treadle hammers got popular in the late 1980s.  

Recently someone posted what they thought was a hammer made in Texas that looked much like the one in the pics above on Facebook or ebay.  Maybe the same hammer? Of course now I can't find the pics of the "Texas" hammer on the other sites...

What's the wrapping (leather?) on the back of the helve?

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