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Anvil madness

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I was just at an auction and watched a 50 pound Blackhawk anvil start for $100us dollars and quickly went to $245 U.S. Dollars  4.90 a pound.

I told him for that per pound price I've got a couple of anvils I might sell him.

that was before the auction 13 percent and sales tax 


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Typical auction fever not to mention the auction employees in the audience shilling. Folk get into a competition and it's the shill and auctioneer's job to get them going. Many years ago I went to a police auction and walked away shaking my head, they listed about 30 bikes in the ads and I needed one. I saw a basket case Schwinn maybe 60% there go for more than a brand new one. I knew I was shopping for a bike. I've seen the bid fever many times over the years and rarely even get a number if I go to an auction and there'd better be something I really like.

Auctions are rarely a place to get a deal. Maybe out in the country but here the auction company will truck it into the city rather than do it remote. Of course that's Alaska but I'm not talking about in the bush. They'll truck it from decent sized towns to the larger markets of Anchorage or one of the yards in Wasilla.

It's a racket but I can't hold it against the auctioneer and the people selling at auction want what they can.

Frosty The Lucky.

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