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Hello all, my name is Carl Schober, I'm from Springfield,Mo. I would like to thank Glenn for getting me all lined out as a member. Also this is the best place i have found for useful help in getting started in blacksmithing. I have almost completed my first forge thanks to info and pics found here. Again, thanks to everyone!

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Hi,and having just jioned on myself this is a great place to learn and gather information from a great group of people and no question is a stupid one.We all started out wanting to learn or we wouldn't be here.Welcome aboard!

Live life so that when you die even the undertaker feels sorry! Mark Twain

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Well Richard, The diving hobby came about 4 years ago when on a cruise in the Caribbean. I tried it and really liked it. And being a first responder, my instincts went the next level to become a rescue diver. As for the forge... I have welded for over 20 years, and fabbed just about anything you could imagine. My wife likes plant hangers and such so i decided to make her some for her birthday this year. Well... after using my torch to heat metal and twist and beat it into the perfect shape on a piece of rail iron, I then started my search for an anvil and forge. Since that search began I have ended up making everything that i needed. I made an anvil from a piece of 4" plate 14"x28" and hard faced it myself. Then Built my forge and firebox. As soon as I figure out how i will post pictures.
Thanks, Carl

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