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I came across your wonderful forums today, and spent some time searching around to see if anyone else had a similar project but my search came up fruitless. I've got a bunch of questions and hoping someone could answer a few questions for me. I'm looking to learn or get someone to forge a billet of patterned steel/damascus for me, that will be machined into a golf putter(just the head and/or neck). I've started to work on a design in CAD, but I will likely need a billet around 5"x2"x4"(LWH).

1. A golf putter is usually 303 Stainless, what combination of steel would give a similar or even softer feel and a dramatic contrast? 
2. Does the billet need to be tempered(oil quench) to give the best visual results? Or will annealing be sufficient?
3. Can I do the etching after the putter has been machined? Or do I do that first?

I'm sure I will have other questions, but these are the ones I've got for now. Thanks.


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The search function on the forum lacks a lot. The best way to search is put iforgeiron in quotes like this "iforgeiron" then your search on Google. You will be surprised the number of threads that come up.

Another thing that may surprise you is if you put your location in your profile, there may be quite a few Smiths that are within visiting distance to you.

With Damascus the etching is usually done after shaping/machining.

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Welcome aboard Limited guy, glad to have you.

The pattern welded billets you're referring to are for blades you can use lots of different metals if the billet doesn't need to take ad keep an edge. 

Pattern welding SS steels is a little more specialized but quite a few of the guys here have the skills. Typically you etch just before the final polish and finish. I don't know about SS though it's usually near the end though.

Who's the putter for? A gift or maybe you're thinking of marketing custom putters? I think it's a winner idea. Pics, we want pics!

Frosty The Lucky.

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