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Free forge

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Sounds like anthracite coal. bituminous would be easier to work with but you can forge with what you have. From what I can see it looks like a table would be helpful to hold extra fuel to be raked in as needed. blower looks like an old 24 volt I have, Or my Dayton 110V. You could make a paddle cover for the air inlet out of sheet metal to adjust the amount of air going in. 

The one shown on my blower in the pic slides over the opening to restrict the flow as needed.


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  Blacksmithing is a long journey. What I see looking at you picture is, the gas can, first I would move that. The journey should not end with a bang. Looks like the forge could be a little unstable. Free is good. 


  Never heard it called a paddle, all ways though it was an airgate. From now on its a paddle. I am running a large fan, took awhile to dial in. Actually have an damper on an all most open 3" hvac T. In addition to my paddle.  



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Haha yea I realized the can was there. After I shut the forge off. That could've been bad. The forge seems pretty stable though. 

I use propane mainly but I've always wanted to play with coal. Just have to tweak with this forge a bit. 

Propane is easier but coal is more fun.

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28 minutes ago, New axe maker said:

It's the same size as the pipe. 

A scrap of sheet metal cut a couple inches wide long enough to wrap around is plenty to secure it. It might look a little redneck or trashy to some but it'll work. One thing I did was I found a shop bac hose that fit in the pipe and on the "blower" (hairdryer at the time) and used it to keep the controls easily accessible. I had to let out some air so I cut a couple slits in the hose to let some out. I was burning anthracite at that time. 

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2 minutes ago, New axe maker said:

Any tips on getting anthracite coal to light easier I fought it for about 45min before it would ignite. 

Start a small kindling fire first with the blower on low get that going then add the coal over top slowly building up the air blast. That's what I did with it.   

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