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Forge Destroyed by Fire

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I apologize if this is old news, but Steve Bronstien's, Blackthorne Forge was destroyed  by fire on March 28th. Steve is a great guy an asset to the blacksmith community, whom I've known for 20+ years.  Details can be viewed at..




The shop had very recently passed a fire safety inspection with flying colors.


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Steve is a great guy, always willing to teach, talk, trade tips.  I was really bummed to hear bout this and I hope this very worthy go fund me campaign is a success.  

6 hours ago, Tommytaptap said:

Me, I prefer coke to propane every time.

He does production work, selling mostly thru wholesale craft shows.  Harder to do an efficient production run of product in coke.  Doubly so if you are training an employee to do it. 

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Grim news at least nobody was seriously injured. 

I'll be very interested to find out what the investigation learns. It's hard to imagine a leak that could light a large structure on fire couldn't be smelled. Of course the employee's sense of smell may be bad or not work at all. It happens.

Makes me think about getting a flammable gas / CO detector for the shop. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Another fire which I recently posted in the Prayer section. Johathan Nedbor of High Falls, NY, lost his shop and house to fire on April 23. Jonathan is a friend and professional smith who has specialized in Dutch Colonial architectural hardware. He developed Black Magic welding flux which he was marketing. He is active in the Northeast Blacksmiths' Group. His daughter is in charge of raising funds so he can hopefully, rebuild.

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