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Treasures from an old Bladesmith

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Went and saw an old bladesmith who made custom / high end kitchen knives and decorative pieces, unfortunately he is retiring due to parkinsons after 40 years in the business. He was kind enough to give us a chance to buy some stuff from his shop. 

This is what we made out with

Some tongs to get us started


one hammer i'm going to resurface, a flattening hammer, and an edging hammer of some sort


Quench tank filled with high end quenching oil it's about 2ft tall


About 1/3 bucket of borax flux


 couple chunks of saw mill band saw blades he's used a lot in his damascus knives, i forget the type of steel but a high carbon variant


2 ~12' bar stock, one of 1095 steel, one of 1055


Then a heavy duty drill press and stand 


He had some great machinery like power hammers and belt grindres but they were out of our price range currently and the power hammers we dont have a place for.. was a good experience to see his shop and meet the guy.


Unfortunately his anvils and swage blocks were gone the first day. had a 195# hay budden and a ~250# peter wright. he gave the people a heck of a deal too.

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Good score, bummer about him being taken out of the craft by Parkinsons, it's a rough one.

About your hammers, you only got two hammers, a cross pein and a mallet and two top tools a flatter and some kind of butcher(maybe). The one with the interesting profile, half curve I'm calling a "butcher" may be something else maybe even a hammer I've been wrong plenty of times.

It may seem picky but there is a distinct and real difference between a top tool and a hammer. You hit stuff with a hammer. A top tool is laid on the work and struck with a hammer.

The common term, "Hardy tool" is a misnomer, a "Hardy" is one of a few cut off chisel "Bottom tools" that fits in the hardy hole, stock is laid on it and the stock is struck with a hammer. Other tools with a shank made to fit in the hardy hole are "Bottom tools".

Of course those are just the names I learned and use.

Frosty The Lucky.

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9 hours ago, ede said:

I Like your title much better here than the former "Raiding a Bladesmith shop".  Nice tools and Respect!   

Yeah i thought the title was bad after i posted the first one, i meant no disrespect by it. The guy was an awesome man to let us into his shop and his situation was unfortunate. He had some awesome pieces of equipment i would dream to have someday and he was excited to show it all to us and you could tell he genuinely appreciated our enthusiasm into the trade. Was a great time overall =]

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7 minutes ago, Daswulf said:

Nice haul. Keep in contact with the gentleman, I'm sure he would help you out with more knowledge in the future. 

Yeah he was a great guy, unfortunately he's deteriorating pretty quickly from the parkinsons it sounds like. it hit him hard and fast, it was sad because you could still see his excitement and enthusiasm showing us around his shop and talking about everything. I plan on keeping in contact via email and sending him pictures of the stuff we make out of the tools he gave us.

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