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My first Project

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These are my first hooks i banged out. I really enjoy the process of making them and both have already been put to use around my house. I think they turned out alright for my first projects, I'm currently working on more hooks, and a bearded axe i'm making from a 2.5lb ball peen hammer head. I know these aren't the most exciting projects but thought i would show them off and get some critique, i'll get some progress pictures put together of the axe i'm making and that will be my first blade =]6A2BJR0.jpg

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Nice work, better than my first hooks by a long shot. Have you looked at the IFI section about twists? About the only thing could be better would be two, Counter Sunk, screw holes. However counter sinking them is more a matter of taste and fastener preference. Two screw holes on the other hand makes wall hooks much more stable, you don't want the hook to turn when taking a nice coat off you know. ;)

Well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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wow, those are beautiful! really good firsts!! you are of to a great start.


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