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small ladel


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I would like to make a small ladle to use over an open fire to melt lead and pour into a tong type single ball mold.
I do not have a swage block with round dished impressions.
Do y'all have any suggestions for forming the ladle?
What I am after is in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng7hArHEiVM&t=1s starting at 1.06. I have 2 ball molds of this type.
My thought is to use a rounding hammer over the desired ladle size pipe.

Thanks fer any help

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Bend some round stock into a ring and use a ball pein hammer. You don't need a swage the same shape as a ladle, spoon, bowl, etc. With practice you can form them on the face if it's large enough project say soup bowl or larger.

Don't get in a hurry and anneal as it work hardens. I cut the sheet with a longish tab to use as a handle and cut it off when finished with the shape. A trailer hitch ball and wooden mallet is a good way to planish it off nicely. You can use a rawhide mallet if it's thin enough stock.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Made my  first ladles over the hardy hole and step of my anvil. Made some on a wooden  stump with a depression carved out.  Make a round  ring , end of piece of pipe with the inside rounded so it doesn't  leave cut marks . Hitch pins and trailer balls make good sinking tools . Plus you can use the Hitch pins and trailer  balls to planish over. 

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Put a log in the vise, flat end grain up. Take a heat on the circular flat you have forged on the end of the handle. Sink into the wood with a pall peen while trying to ignore the flame flash. The heat will start a cavity. Repeat until the metal sinks to your liking. Irregularities can be worked over a ball stake.

This method also works for flower petals, leaves, and suchlike.

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