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I Forge Iron

Help Id- little iron donuts

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I find a lot of old iron while  metal detecting and I always wonder what it is. I made myself an account here because I think you guys would be the ones to know. My questions are

1) What are these little iron circles. They are completely flat on the back and were found in a grain field. 

2) What was this spike used for? I can't imagine hammering that into wood with out splitting it.

3) Do you see those two little toes on the bend piece of iron? Is that a cutting technique I find a lot of iron with 2 toes?

Any ideas?  thanks for the help



m 1.JPG

m 2.JPG

m 3.JPG

m 5.JPG


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 Some farm equipment is regional by nature......and the type of grain in the field would make a difference in the equipment used.....were you in a rice paddy or a wheat field...milo perhaps maybe flax.......a little more info would be helpful ......ds 

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I suspect that the donuts are part of the chains that were dragged behind the old seed drills to cover the seed.  Horse drawn equipment had a lot of cars iron in them.  Anything that had to be rigid.  Plough shares were cast or steel.  Cast wore longer but broke when you hit a rock.   Steel bent rather than broke but wore out quicker.  

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