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Half bearing for a sorghum mill

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Hi I am restoring a old mule powered cane mill. Has large geared rollers that a mule or horse walking in a circle crushes the cane releasing the juice which is collected and boiled into syrup. I need some brass half sleeve bearings made. Babbitt would be much easier but it's for food and the original is brass.  Thinking of melting cartridge brass or buying brass ingots melting in forge and pouring into a sand mold. 


Better yet anyone set set up for this be willing to cast me one I have at least one that could be used as a pattern. 

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Remember that items cast from an original will be smaller than the original due to material shrinking as it cools. If this is an issue you will need to make a pattern larger to deal with this shrinkage---I used to own a shrink rule where each scale was upsized for a different metal's shrinkage rate.

If exact size doesn't matter then never mind!


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