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I am looking at renting a part of an industrial building. It is a warehouse that has been divided into smaller spaces. It is industrial, affordable, close to home and has 3phase! I was warned by the owner that the fire martial is a constant presence there. Does anyone know if a flameout arrester is required for LP forges? will my hammers be ok with just a wood pad under them (100 and 250 pound)?Should I be leary of these sorts of places? Some of the other tenents looked a tad shady. It is really time to move up from my parents garage (18x20) and this is a whopping 40x70!(did I mention three phase?) Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

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The owner wants to rent a space but he's afraid you're going to burn it down. 

Make sure you can lock your space. And then maybe lock up your tools that can be moved easily. Affordable rent doesn't matter for squat if all your tools are stolen. 

Having a show of force for the fire marshal like extinguishers, smoke and gas detectors can't hurt. Though in a place like that

it doesn't matter unless you have sprinklers. 

Good luck, lock your tools up and don't burn the place down. 


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Have no fear of the shady look, its the lowlife element you watch out for. Sometimes, the lowlifers can dress like politicians, or thats what I have heard. Can't tell you how many shadies of soot, and coal dust I am after a good day. Stop and have a talk with your, local law enforcement agency, they will share safety concerns. 

Also talking with the fire marshall, could not hurt. Could save you from a lease agreement. Oh yea, moving. 

  Big step best of luck

    N.N.F.                  Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 



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I second all the advice above. make sure you KNOW all the applicable fire codes and laws - it's cheap insurance for when the fire marshal comes knocking. Checking in with the local PD for insight on the neighborhood is also a good idea, especially if they happen to suspect the property owner of any shady dealings. Btw, you and/or the owner may need some kind of insurance or another, find out about that too. 

Do scrutinize the lease agreement very, very carefully so there will be no misunderstandings between you and the owner. If you have questions about something not in the lease agreement, ask! I speak from personal experience when I say that if there is some kind of misunderstanding or lack of communication between both parties it can go downhill quick.

Other than that, it sounds like you're about to land a sweet space. Be considerate of the owner and your future neighbors and you will be A-OK. 

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