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Are these automated machines exist? (automated for bulging, automated for punching holes and automated for flash removal)

Lets say the bars are on the conveyor belt moving and having 3 machines at each side ( total of 6 machines) which the first machine bulge, then punch hole half way and last machine punch hole all way through and trim the flash. No need for the worker to do the job manually transfer from each machine to another. This can be changed from batch production to flow production in my opinion.

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There are robotic forging stations already in use, and you can purchase these manufactured items easily, which is why so many professional blacksmiths have been replaced by so called blacksmiths who produce "hand forged" items.

Sometimes these forgings are cheaper to purchase than the cost of new steel I have to source to make a similar item in the traditional way

Having said that I can make items that machines cannot (so far as I am aware) reproduce.

Quantities are the key to the economics involved with thes machinery installations.

They still need a skilled/experienced smith to oversee and design the making and use of these products.


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