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Hello all,

So I have been interested in blacksmithing as long as I can remember. About 18 months ago I decided that I would take action and give it a try. I have been reading several books and watching every video I can find that has any relationship to the art. I have also been searching for items to get started. I have applied for membership in the local abana affiliate near me and just signed up to this forum.

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Welcome aboard Arkham glad to have you. I'm not sure what you mean by "items to get started". Do you mean beginning projects? Perhaps tools and equipment? I'm thinking a good beginning project for you might be a Batarang. :ph34r:

Getting hooked up with a local organization will get you on the way about as fast as any way I know. 

Frosty The Lucky.


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Tools and equipment primarily. I have been picking up scrap metal as I come across it. I have a couple buckets full of metal to use. I went by a scrap yard the other day to purchase some metal to build a forge. While there I passively asked if they ever come across anvils. To my astonishment they said they had one sitting in a shed, if I was interested they would weigh it. Story short I got some angle iron and some plate to build a hearth for a fire pot that I had previously welded up from 7/8" steal. Along with a Trenton Anvil and all metal stand that had combined weight of 502 lbs.58cba200a29b4_trentonanvilstand.thumb.png.3041278651ccfa0e2e31a09ceceba998.png


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So the anvil weighs 199.8 lbs., it has a clear makers mark along with the serial # 201925. I had borrowed Richard Postmans AIA from the library sometime ago, and if I recall there may have been a chart with serial #'s from Columbus Forge and Iron that would indicate about when this anvil was forged. If anyone has access to this, I would love to know the date or any other information about it.trentonmakersmark.thumb.png.d15939cf1c29c984f63aeda0af6ba7d9.png

So I have a couple of anvils, leg vise, some hammers. I plan on building my forge soon. I am looking for tongs now, I have seen on this forum the value of being able to hold your work safely.

I think I'm being realistic about my expectations. I plan on starting out just tapering, bending, twisting, upsetting some metal. Do simple shapes and scrolls. Once I figure out something, I'll do it 10 more times, then move on to the next challenge.

I looking forward right now to just getting coal to burn.

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I have looked at the BAM calendar, and am aware that the conference was just around the corner. As I have just sent in my membership application and have not received any correspondence back, I have not made any definite plans. I do hope to attend and meet several local Smiths in the area.

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