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I had my first go at a pattern welded hammer out of 86 kg/m crane rail track which is a 1080 steel with aboutr 1% manganese in it as I have a test cert of that rail and a large circular saw blade which I was hoping may of been a L6ish steel but turns out it is probably just a carbon steel going by the poor contrast and  it was a carbide tipped saw . I had a couple of cracks appear during heat treatment and I misslayed to parts making up the billit but it was a success as far as a learning excercise Cheers Beaver






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What I've read on carbide tipped saw blades is that they are usually 4140 or similar, but they can be a wide variety it sounds like. L6 supposedly is only on non carbide tipped blades. I don't have real first hand knowledge, just the research from trying to figure out what I might do with some tipped blades myself.

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12 hours ago, swedefiddle said:

Good Morning,

Did you make the first weld in a Press or a Vice?? Quite a bit of Mass for Hammer welding.


I did the all the welds with a 2CWT power hammer which I am learning to use


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