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Powell Anvil info

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I found a "Powell" anvil for sale and thought i really NEED this since it's my name and all....  BUT i really like to know what I'm getting into.   I can't seem to find any real info about them other than a member here has one with no heel.      So...  how old?   how constructed?   

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Good Morning,

I can guarantee you that it used to be a rock. It is difficult to answer your questions without more detail and pictures.

Put your location in your Avatar, there probably is someone near you that could answer your question.

Enjoy the Journey.


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I have a Powell anvil---at lead Mr Postman said it was all I could read was POWE and I was hoping it was a Powers...

Mine is missing the heel but has a great hard face and a decent horn.  Run the ball bearing and the ring test on it and make your call against that data! Mine is traditionally forged with a face forged welded to it and a wrought iron body.

I love mine and use it for a heavy work anvil especially for my students as there is less they can do to damage it since the heel is already gone. Its around 120# as it currently stands and I paid US$40 for it at a fleamarket due to the "damage".

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