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Side Shelf Uses

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Are you talking about the side shelf that is an extension of the top face, or the side shelf that is a block at the bottom of the base?

Very generally, the first is used for scrolling and making acute-angle bends, and the second is used for upsetting the ends of bar stock.

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1 hour ago, jrmysell said:

On the top face. From what I have read, the block at the bottom is usually referred to as an upsetting block. Is that correct?

Typically yes, but people aren't always as careful with their terminology as they could be. Just making clear what we're talking about.

There's a really good thread (with videos!) about both the side shelf and the upsetting block HERE.

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That said, a word of caution: one of the strengths of IFI is the wealth of answers to so many questions, so the folks here get pretty tired of answering basic questions over and over again. Your best bet is to do your own research on the site before asking. The more you do that, the better you will become at finding those answers, and -- in those cases where you can't find the information you need -- you'll be able to ask more precise, better informed questions. 

There are two ways to do research on IFI. The first is to simply browse through the forum, paying close attention to the pinned posts at the top of each section. This will give you a broad exposure to what information is out there and where it is. The second is to search for specific information using keywords. PRO TIP: the search function of the forum software is worthless. Do a Google search and include "iforgeiron.com" as one of your search terms. That will get you what you want much better.

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