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Live Webcam Demo!

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Hey y'all!

We are in the middle of our monthly meeting with Nol Putnam doing a traditional joinery demo. THE WEB CAM IS UP AND RUNNING LIVE!!!!!!!!!

It is now lunch time....starting back in about 45 minutes.....1pm EST!!!

Here is the link: yesteryearforge - Live Webcam with Free Chat

Only 14 people can be in there at once for this run.....so go there!

Let me know what you think! We are still in the research and development stage!!!!

The audio is a little behind, but you can't beat the quality for a live and free web cam!!!

ENJOY!!!!!! and post here what you think please!!!!

Peyton Anderson
President, The Blacksmith Guild of Virginia

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I stopped in for a while when it went live after lunch. Adam was playing with the settings, testing what worked. When I left, the audio was right with the video. Good job, I'd keep him around!:D

All in all, for the hour or so I spent there, it looked pretty good. I like the idea of watching a demo live, without the drive!

Still wish I could have been there, though. Hopefully sometime this year I'll make it to one of your guilds meetings.

Keep up the good work you guys are doing for the blacksmithing community.

aaron c.

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Thanks Aaron and Jeremy....and all the others who popped in to try it out.

Adam is super sharp when it comes to figuring this stuff out....I did not expect him to come due to some family obligations but I was really happy to see him. I don't think it would have gone with out him. He is a good Technical Director!

Big thanks to everyone who was giving him feedback during the "show". He was able to tweek everything and get it bettter.

We will try it all again next month on the 15th with Chris Winterstein demonstrating....we are working now to test out increasing the room size to about 30...When it gets closer I will throw the link and times out for everyone!

Thanks again. It is really exciting to be involved with such a knowledgable group of smiths and willing participants to "boldly go where no guild has gone before"...

Credit also needs to go to Mike Tanner. This was his idea...and Adam's determination to make it all work has been a real blessing!


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The webcam runs on the 3rd Saturday of each month. This is our monthly guild meeting time. The webcam is usually up around 9am or so and runs throughout the day until the demo is over. This is EST time...so you will need to adjust.

Go here to see our calendar of dates and demonstrators. Blacksmith Guild of Viriginia


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Not as of yet. There is still a lot we are expecting to do with these video streams. The first thing is to get the picture quality and sound quality as good as we can. Right now we are using a security camera that has its limitations.

I hope down the road we can get this thing where I can burn DVDs and upload to the internet for everyon to enjoy and learn from.


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The last meeting the demo was " live " for about 8 1/2 to 9 hours straight so i dont think you tube could handle that.
Check us out the next meeting, you may enjoy it.
We have Adam going to show Peyton how its done so if for some reason he is not there
( the show must go on ) :)
Check it out at Blacksmith Guild of Viriginia and just click the link to the streaming video ( it is only activated when the meeting is in progress which is the 3 rd saturday of each month usually.

Mike Tanner

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